Welcome, visitor, to Vanilla Creampuff (soon-to-be named Tortured Soul), a growing tribute dedicated to the character Bakura Ryou, from the hit anime/manga series Yu-Gi-Oh by Kazuki Takahashi. The owner of this shrine is very much in love and passionate about Ryou's character, and will do her best to provide information and analysis of this white -haired cutie. Please keep in mind that she'll be mainly using both the manga and as her resource, and that the essays are purely opinion and NOT facts, obviously. This site also happens to be the approved fanlisting dedicated to this boy, so by all means, if you happen to be a fan of him - please don't hesitate to join! :D Theres also Unmarked Spoilers lurking about, so make sure you don't read anything unless you're up to date with the current manga chapters. Please remember that if you happen to have any questions regading Bakura or this site, feel free to contact the webmiss, otherwise sit back, relax and enjoy yourself while you are here, and have a happy browsing!

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